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SIMPLE 2D scaN costs £55.00


15 – 32 weeks of pregnancy
2D abdominal ultrasound scan
Includes 2 x 2D Glossy photographs
All scan will be performed by fully qualified NHS trained sonographers

The purpose of the Simple 2D baby scan is to allow those not wanting a 3D/4D scan to have the opportunity of spending time bonding with baby in a relaxed and comfortable environment.


As this is an abdominal scan it may be helpful to wear clothing that allows the sonographer easy access to your tummy region.

What happens if an unexpected problem is detected?

Whilst we do not wish to worry you about your pregnancy, sometimes there may be a problem detected that is completely unexpected. It is important for you to understand that if the sonographer believes there is a problem he/she has a ‘duty of care’ to discuss these findings with you and provide you with as much information as he/she reasonably can.

If necessary and with your permission, they may contact your local hospitals maternity unit in case a medical follow-up can be made. He/she may also write a letter explaining his/her concerns.

Occasionally the sonographer may require s second opinion. This does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong; many scan findings just need a ‘second look’ for reassurance. The sonographer will inform you of any such uncertain findings and discuss what your options are.

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0151 280 0543

Before the Stork do not offer an on-line booking service. We have been providing private scans since 2005 and believe you may benefit more from our vast experience and knowledge. We feel it is important for us to reach out to you before booking and therefore only arrange appointments via telephone. This allows you the opportunity to ask any questions and tell us any important information that you feel we should know about your pregnancy prior to your scan. Likewise, it allows us the opportunity to offer you our knowledge and expertise in advising you when the best time to book your scan might be and offer the most suitable scan for you.

We are however, more than happy to also respond to any questions /queries via email or direct message on any of our social media platforms.

We believe that this personal touch in sharing our knowledge is shown in the quality of the images that we consistently produce. Plus, it gives you a chance to get to know us or ask for a specific sonographer to perform your scan, that’s if you have a favourite of course!

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